In September 2019 the project was born and works partially or totally financing the travel of low-income women who chose to have a safe and legal abortion outside Brazil (Argentina, Colombia and Mexico). In the case of women who can pay for the trip, it helps and guides them in the process.

At the same time, it serves women who fall under Brazilian law (sexual violence, risk of the life of the mother or fetus with anencephaly) helping to access, here in Brazil, their right according to the Technical Norms of the Ministry of Health.

Offers psychological, legal, transportation, accommodation and food support.

Milhas is a proactive and self-sustaining network of women, advocating for the decriminalization of abortion in Brazil, an initiative of mutual and horizontal solidarity.

We can help those in need. Whoever wants to change the law helps those who cannot wait for the change.

We need the number of clandestine procedures to be reduced, we need all women to have the same possibilities and access, we need to remove the issue of obscurantism, we need to end hypocrisy.


Help us make a difference!

Thank you for your support!


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Art, feminine noun is a solidarity action articulated by Milhas Pela Vidas das Mulheres (Miles for the lives of women) and Galeria Aymoré, with the aim of raising funds for the project in order to enable safe and legal abortion for Brazilian women, inside or outside Brazil.

The chosen authors were brought together by the theme of their work, by their personal position and / or by the representativeness and visibility that the cause needs.

In this way, we intend to give more consistency to the set of images offered, to guarantee the strengthening of the feminine and feminism. And, above all, to give voice to this important solidarity action for the benefit of all of us women.

For each photo sold:

20% is used to produce this

40% can be allocated to the artist of the work

40-80% will go to Milhas Pela Vida das Mulheres